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I took my 10yr old son here yesterday and was a bit skeptical about the cost being worth it. I shouldn’t have worried, we had a fantastic time! The track was fun the karts were very fast. My son was still talking about it late in to the night! Well worth a visit! 10 minutes doesn’t sound long but it felt a lot longer. My hands and arms were aching at the end! Great staff very clean facility we will be back for sure


Lisarow, NSW

My adult son invited me with a few of his mates to join in for some birthday fun! So me as the 55yo hooning around the track with my butt an inch off the ground being tormented by my 24yo son and a group of his mates.. great fun, certainly very fast, got the blood pumping and just loved it.. Best part was the boys slowing down so pop could catch up then they zoomed off again with me in their dust!! The track is long enough so you get some good speed, corners sharp enough to really get into them.. all in all – a great day and terrific to be included. Wouldn’t hesitate to go again and recommend to others


Kariong, NSW

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What People Say About Pit Stop Raceway…

My husband suggested the girls and I come with him to go kart racing one Sunday afternoon and I must admit we were hesitant but after that first couple of laps, all doubt was gone… we now consider ourselves RACERS and I now regularly beat Ian and it is just the best feeling in the world. We have all been down there several times since and looking forward to our next visit

Sheila G

Terrigal NSW

If you’re looking for something fun to do that won’t break the budget and that ALL of the family will love, then you need to go racing at Pit Stop Race. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love racing a go kart!

Greg Hunnam

Doyalson, NSW

Impressed with the safety instructions we were given. After all safety comes first. Lot’s of fun for the whole family too, they LOVE it!


Charmhaven, NSW

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